More Than Just a Scoreboard

Published Aug 02, 2016, 06:10 am

Curriculum-Based Learning with ScoreVision

As our software evolves, one key ingredient remains the same: We are passionate about our system benefiting all students - not just student-athletes. Essential to fulfilling this mission is a little something we like to call The Three E’s: Elevate, Educate and Engage.

Our system Elevates the game-day experience, Educates students through the creative and operational opportunities provided by our apps, and Engages athletes and fans with a wide variety of features and capabilities.

Customers have been leveraging the ScoreVision platform in the classroom for the past year, and several student-groups have benefited from their school’s decision to implement our technology. That has been super exciting, and we love to hear about new uses and applications for our product. We decided to conduct some research to learn how the ScoreVision platform could be used to enhance the classroom experience from a teacher’s perspective.

Becoming Industry Experts

We recently contracted with Judy Turnage, a veteran teacher from Bartlett,Tennessee, to help us learn more about the roles and responsibilities of a teacher. Judy has been teaching at the public and private level for over 30 years. She currently works for Bartlett City Schools teaching language arts and math.

Here’s a few high-level concepts she taught us:

  • Schools are required to reach (and often improve) education standards and levels of achievement by students, either by State or Common Core standard levels.
  • There are a wide variety of ways these standards can be met, and there are no real boundaries or limitations for teachers wanting to adopt new curriculums for various studies.
  • Students benefit from cross-sectional studies and topics which frequently overlap more traditional curriculums.
  • Many advanced curriculums and/or job-specific trades are taught in afterschool programs and do not involve the traditional classroom setting.
  • Opportunities for students to help or assist with athletics is popular and quickly gains the support of principals and superintendents - it takes a village.
After just a few days in the office, Judy shared these thoughts with our CEO, Gordon Whitten:

“Something that I really love about the displays and software is that it’s so much more than a scoreboard. You’re really investing in a scoreboard and an education tool that you wouldn’t get with a traditional board.”

- Judy Turnage

“It’s too bad the traditional teacher isn’t involved in the decision-making process for new scoreboards in the gym or on our fields. There’s a ton of opportunities for marketing, broadcasting, communications and technology skills to be learned by using and supporting this technology.

- Judy Turnage

Building the Framework

Internally, we’ve already put these ideas and concepts to work, and we’re building infrastructure to expand these opportunities for customers and students in the future. We’ve had nine Interns working here all summer, doing everything from building product, to making content to be shown on customer displays, to updating code and capabilities of the software we build. The program creates a win-win-win scenario, and we’re pumped to see it continue to grow.

This platform provides a ton of flexibility and customization; however, there are a few basic principles that allow students to be hands-on with our product from day 1. Curriculums and programs can grow as a customer’s comfort level does. Once customers see how simple it is to use, they quickly realize the possibilities are limitless.


It’s rewarding to see students and teachers leverage the Marketing, Broadcasting and Technology capabilities of our system. The ScoreVision system is the newest resource for our customers; and Teachers, Principals and Superintendents quickly get behind our product’s purpose as they learn more about it. We’re excited to continue building a Content Library and providing curriculum ideas to customers as they join the ScoreVision community.


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