ScoreVision Impacts Students at Sycamore High

Published Jan 22, 2018, 08:00 am

At ScoreVision, we live for the moments where we can see our multimedia experience making a difference in the lives of students and student-athletes across the country.

When we stumbled upon this story from Sycamore, Illinois’ local newspaper, The Daily Chronicle, we couldn’t wait to see how our efforts were impacting students at Sycamore High School.

The story details a memorable experience of Kate Majerus, a senior on the Sycamore High basketball team. Kate recalled the excitement of her fellow students and community when the school installed ScoreVision jumbotron scoreboards on the football field and in the gym, but she didn’t realize the scoreboards would “have as much as an impact as they’ve had.”

After Kate scored her 1,000th career point in a holiday tournament on the road, she was given the game ball by the girls’ basketball coach – a nice gesture, but the coach wished he could do more. So he reached out to Sycamore High’s video production club SpartanTV to give her more recognition. They enlisted Kate’s teammates and her best friend to put together a congratulatory video montage to showcase before their next home game.

Kate said that video really put things in perspective: “That she was a senior. That she scored 1,000 career points. That the new video boards at Sycamore High School were the real deal,” the article noted.

“It hit me then,” she said. “We are so blessed to have the boards. We’re so lucky the boosters gifted us with them. They’re very beneficial and put me in tears.”

Besides this incredible impact on Kate Majerus, the school detailed some additional benefits for their athletics program and beyond.

According to the article, “The boards have also provided an educational component for SpartanTV students who operate them and produce commercials, sporting event hype videos and other content for display.”

ScoreVision at Sycamore High School

“It’s almost like college-level, NFL-type stuff because you feel way more involved in the game,” Sycamore football player Zach Carlsen said.

Plus, Sycamore booster club member David Coover “estimates the scoreboards will attract roughly $90,000 per year in advertising revenue. He said after figuring out the booster club could gain its money back in just three years and build revenue through advertising, getting the system became a no-brainer. Any time it can pay it off and bring that much money into a sports program, it became easy.”

“It brings excitement to events,” Coover said. “It enhances the game experience and allows the boosters to do really cool things for our student athletes down the road.”

"It's been really received well. We don’t even know the limit of what we can do – the sky is the limit with this. These are things kids will remember forever."

To learn more about how Sycamore High School students are being impacted by their ScoreVision system, check out this article and video. To read the full story at the Daily Chronicle, click here.

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