Through the Eyes of an Intern (Part 1)

Published Jun 13, 2016, 08:30 am

ScoreVision has partnered with Hastings College to initiate a new type of internship program that will yield benefits beyond those provided through traditional internships. Internships are designed to help students gain valuable real-world experience in their specific career fields while providing workforce resources for companies that need help completing work at hand. The ScoreVision Intern Program offers additional benefits, the primary one being the value it brings to the schools and college with which we partner. The additional benefits could not be illustrated better than in the blog posting featured below from John Funkey, one of the first four interns to participate in the pilot for this program.

The Beginning of an Adventure

As I completed my Junior year at Hastings College I was on the hunt for a summer job that could yield new experiences unlike any I had ever confronted. I was ready for an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that would help prepare me for success in the future and the present. Little did I know achieving these goals would send me on a journey to a city I have never lived in, a company I had never heard of, to live with a roommate I had never met. These were the mysteries I faced as I, for the first time in my life, moved out of Hastings, NE. Just as my car was packed full of clothes, storage, and other necessities; my brain was packed full of excitement, nerves, and questions as I left for Omaha and my internship with ScoreVision.

There are a few things you need to know about ScoreVision before I talk about my experiences thus far. ScoreVision is a digitally-modern company that creates state-of-the-art, LED scoreboards for gymnasiums across the nation. These scoreboards are able to stream live videos, instant replays, and almost any other multimedia opportunity that comes to mind; as well as provide a clear, professional, Jumbotron-like scoring system for athletic events. Along with the visual excellency, there is a cloud system that allows coaches, students, parents, and fans to access the statistics and data from each game. Sounds awesome, right?! Well, all of that “awesome-ness” comes from the people working and building this system from behind the scenes.

Including me, four Hastings College students (Landon Rodabaugh ‘18, Tyler Murphy ‘17, Ben Scheef ‘18, John Funkey ‘17) moved to Omaha for the summer to take advantage of the incredible internship opportunity that ScoreVision offered. ScoreVision and Hastings College reached out to find students who were able and had the experience necessary to participate in their internship program. Here is where it gets really good: in July, Hastings College will be having its own ScoreVision scoreboard installed in the Lynn Farrell Arena. The purpose of this internship is to allow ScoreVision to help Hastings College prepare and learn how to operate and manage the new system, from the inside-out. As well as learning about the functionality of the ScoreVision scoreboards, we interns are able to add a little of our own knowledge and creativity by helping ScoreVision with any other work that ties into our individual skills and interests. Developing some of the branding and animation for the boards is something that we are planning to do as the Hastings College installation date approaches. We have also been able to work with the other employees and obtain some real-career experiences. For example, I am majoring in marketing and advertising, and just two weeks into this internship I have already gained knowledge and experience with website design and utilizing WordPress, Photoshop, Buffer, and other important applications. Not only have I had practice in those vital areas, but ScoreVision has given me the opportunity to experience what working in an office is all about and how important collaboration is to the success of a business. Sales, Broadcasting, Marketing, Computer Science and so much more come together within this business, and being able to have all of those divisions working in unison is very crucial.

This is where ScoreVision really connects to Hastings College and to educational facilities in general. All of the different departments are dependent on each other and, just like a machine, each division needs the others to be successful. This mutual understanding can be transferred to Hastings College or any other participating school. For Hastings College to utilize the many functions that the scoreboard has available, it is important that the various fields of study join together as one. Media, Broadcasting, Marketing, Art, Computer Science, and many more departments can work together and create the content that represents their school.

ScoreVision does not just make scoreboards for athletic events; they create a medium for many different media opportunities. This allows the school to create, manage, and improve the scoreboard and content in order to adapt it for whatever purpose they see fit. So, yes, I am only a few weeks into this internship, and yes, it is only for the summer, but ScoreVision’s scoreboards grant us the opportunity to continue building on the skills and knowledge that started in Omaha, once we return to Hastings.

Want to keep up with the exciting life of the ScoreVision interns? Follow @ScoreVisInterns on Twitter

Be on the look-out for parts two & three of this post as the summer comes to an end and the school-year begins.

- John Funkey, Hastings College ‘17


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