01. Who We Are

The ScoreVision Story

ScoreVision was founded in 2015 by a team of founders with decades of experience building innovative software products. As sports enthusiasts, they discovered an opportunity in the scoreboard industry. The typical metal-box scoreboard no longer fulfilled the potential that was available for elevating the game-time experience. And so the idea for our multimedia, high-definition LED scoreboard system was born.

Since its founding, ScoreVision has grown into a team of fun-loving individuals who are passionate about developing leading-edge technology while providing an outstanding customer experience. Our mission has expanded well beyond simply selling scoreboards – our mission is to elevate the game-time experience in schools and sports facilities through multimedia displays that engage the community and educate students.

Learn more about how the ScoreVision system is revolutionizing the game-time experience for customers all across the country by watching our short video below!

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02. the scorevision advantage

What Sets Us Apart

What sets us apart from the other scoreboard companies? It's the fact that we’re not a scoreboard company!

We’re a technology company that brings the game-time experience of a professional arena to high schools, colleges, and sports facilities of any size. Instead of bringing outdated scoreboard technology to LED displays, we took a fresh yet critical look at everything from the hardware to the software and the customer experience of our industry and we started from scratch with a relentless dedication to drastically improving the customer experience.

Our game-time experience is delivered through a sophisticated system of vibrant jumbotrons driven by a series of custom scorekeeping and event production apps that offer robust functionality with simple controls.

03. a multi-faceted solution for education, fan engagement, fundraising, & more

The ScoreVision Multimedia Jumbotron & Software System

The capabilities of our system span far beyond that of a single-function, metal-box scoreboard. It offers so much more to your school and community than a simple video board mounted to a metal-box scoreboard. The ScoreVision multimedia jumbotron and software system allows schools and facilities to:

Amplify The Game-Time Experience
for athletes and fans while simplifying the efforts of your scorekeepers and production team.

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Bridge The Gap Between Academics & Athletics
by providing students with the opportunity to learn real-world career skills and showcase their content throughout games and other events on ScoreVision’s multimedia jumbotrons.

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Engage The Community
through a wide range of alternative uses that can’t be accomplished with a standard metal-box scoreboard.

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Alleviate Funding Challenges
by selling engaging digital advertising to sponsors, which is integrated directly into the ScoreVision multimedia scoreboards and our exclusive Fan App.

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