01. engage the community

Engage Your Community with a Multimedia Scoreboard

Engage athletes, fans, and the community with high-resolution, multimedia scoreboards that can serve multiple purposes outside of athletics.

Involve your community in your school’s activities like never before with ScoreVision’s unique software platform. Many events can be enhanced by using your ScoreVision multimedia display, including: graduation ceremonies, community assemblies, pep rallies, school clubs and activities, award nights, school conferences, fundraising events, school banquets, music performances, movie nights, and so much more!

Your scoreboard will no longer go unused six days out of the week – now you can put it to use for anything you can think of!

Hear from a few customers who are getting the most out of their ScoreVision multimedia scoreboard systems in the short video below and explore just some of the alternative uses for our LED video scoreboards here.

02. want to learn more?

Learn How ScoreVision Can Impact Your School and Community

Explore more creative alternative use ideas on our blog and request more information today to learn how a ScoreVision multimedia scoreboard system can benefit everyone in your school and community.