Fundraising with ScoreVision

01. generate lasting revenue

Advertising with an Impact

Completely fund your upgrade to a video scoreboard and generate lasting revenue for your school using ScoreVision’s integrated digital ad technology. Schools and booster clubs can sell digital ads to local businesses and create new and/or additional revenue streams to set your school programs up for success for years to come. Plus, business and marketing students can get involved in the advertising process and gain real-world skills to benefit their future careers.

From sponsorship package guidelines to innovative fundraising ideas, ScoreVision can equip you with tips, ideas, and materials to generate significant revenues from your jumbotron scoreboard system. We have fundraising plans in place that can generate upwards of $50K per year for indoor scoreboard systems and $80K per year for an outdoor scoreboard system. This number can be increased further with the implementation of other fundraising ideas, including:

  • Writing simple announcer scripts containing promotional content
  • Hosting sponsored theme nights at sporting and special events
  • Having cheerleaders or student staff hand out small, inexpensive branded items that further promote sponsors, or
  • Sending weekly email blasts to fans and students highlighting the sponsors and themes 
of upcoming games.

Schools can enlist the help of students, putting their fundraising ideas to work and teaching them valuable career skills in the process.

Hear from a few ScoreVision customers who have found lasting success with their fundraising efforts thanks to the ScoreVision system in the short video below!

Fundraising Assistance from ScoreVision’s Digital Media Sales Services

ScoreVision’s Digital Media Sales (DMS) team offers a variety of tips, resources, and services to help you get the most from your fundraising efforts, whether you want to do your own fundraising more effectively or you want us to take care of the efforts for you.

DIY Fundraising Assistance

If you feel comfortable doing the fundraising efforts on your own, we can provide guidance to help you increase the effectiveness of your efforts. Our DMS team can meet with you or your fundraising team to:

  • Identify the revenue potential for your school,
  • Educate your team about the advertising types and capabilities included in the ScoreVision system,
  • Deliver tools such as suggested sponsorship levels and pricing plus documents to help you outline the opportunity to potential sponsors, and
  • Provide tips for generating a list of sponsorship leads, contacting them effectively, and securing their advertising support.

Full-Service Fundraising Assistance

If you or your team simply does not have the time to fundraise for a ScoreVision system, ScoreVision’s DMS team partners with select schools to take care of the fundraising efforts. We work closely with the athletic directors, superintendents, booster clubs, and supporting foundations to develop specific fundraising goals and strategies; they guide and direct our efforts, but we do all the work. We handle everything, including:

  • Creating marketing materials
  • Finding prospects
  • Contacting leads via phone and email
  • Providing and collecting advertising sponsor contracts
  • Collecting and uploading sponsor ads to the ScoreVision system
  • Securing payment
02. amp up your fundraising efforts today

Ready to Generate Lasting Revenue?

If you or your fundraising team lacks the time, personnel, and/or advertising and sales know-how, we can help your school generate lasting, recurring revenue with minimal efforts from you and your team.

To learn how you can put ScoreVision’s integrated advertising solutions to work for your school or facility, request more information today!