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ScoreVision Producer App

The ScoreVision Producer App brings the power of a professional fan experience to your fingertips. ScoreVision’s innovative app-based production software makes it easier than ever to run an engaging game-time production, trigger media content, and control your connected LED displays.


Features of the ScoreVision Producer App

Play Media

Play Media

The ScoreVision Producer App is your hub for media content at game-time. Easily play your media content, ranging from graphics and player profiles to hype videos, tunnel walk videos, hype animations like “3 Pointer”, and more. You can even create playlists and mark your favorite content for even easier access.

Switch Layouts

Switch Layouts

Switch between scoreboard layouts with ease. The ScoreVision Producer App makes it easier than ever to toggle between layouts like leaderboard, full scoreboard, full video, video + scoreboard, and more. The best part is that the layouts are pre-built, optimized by ScoreVision, and ready to use the moment you power up your LED display.

Recognize Players

Recognize Players

Easily recognize players for amazing plays with one-touch Player Accolades, player profile animations, hype animations like “Slam Dunk” and “Touchdown”, and more. All the content you need to excite your fans and players is right at your fingertips.

Use Camera Feeds

Use Camera Feeds

Incorporate camera feeds into the production of your games and events. The ScoreVision Producer App empowers you to switch between multiple camera feeds and display them onto a connected LED display.

Control Connected Displays

Control Connected Displays

The ScoreVision Producer App serves as your app-based “universal remote” to control your LED displays. You can turn them on and off, adjust brightness and audio controls, incorporate camera feeds, and configure other settings right from the app.

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Missy Townsend Prescott High School

“Our students really like the ability to personalize their games with their walk-out videos and other content. It’s really added to the engagement of the events.”

Missy Townsend
Prescott High School
Dave Coates Middletown High School

“ScoreVision is hands-down the best software that I have worked with. I don’t know of any other companies out there making it as user-friendly. Between the iPads, we have kids using it and people adapt to it very quickly. It’s that user-friendly.”

Dave Coates
Middletown High School
Leanne Schnurer Oakland University

“Within like a half hour I was comfortable walking around with it, using the Producer App by myself. I didn’t have very many questions and I thought it was really easy to pick up on.”

Leanne Schnurer
Oakland University
Rob Goff Kearney High School

“ScoreVision has done a tremendous job on the Producer App. We thought this was going to be a very complex thing to run, but it’s not. It’s very user-friendly. When you work with digital media, a lot of times you work with very complex software. ScoreVision has taken the complex out of it. Not only that, but the ScoreVision Family has been wonderful – teachers from other ScoreVision schools have been absolutely open to help.”

Rob Goff, Kearney High School

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