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ScoreVision for Baseball

The ScoreVision Scorekeeper App for Baseball & Softball makes it easy to track scores and stats and keep fans engaged. Our app-based baseball & softball scoring software features a user-friendly, field-inspired design with all the features you need to track points and stats, manage rosters, recognize player achievements, and more. Plus, game information and scores are automatically delivered to fans everywhere via the ScoreVision Fan App.

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Pair with LED video scoreboards to unlock even more fan engagement features.

Track Scores and Stats

Track Scores & Stats

Keep score with the most user-friendly Baseball & Softball Scorekeeper App. Track strikes, balls, runs, walks, fouls, errors, hits, outs, and more – ScoreVision’s scoring software puts all the functionality a scorekeeper needs right at their fingertips.

Track Pitch Counts

Track Pitch Counts

Automatically count the number of pitches thrown throughout the game.

Fan App

Fan App

Game events and score information are automatically fed to the Fan App throughout the game, keeping fans informed no matter where they are.

Personalized Experience

Personalized Experience

Set your team colors, mascots, and logos in ScoreVision Cloud to show alongside game information in the Fan App and on connected LED video displays.

App-based Scoring

App-based Scoring

ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps are run on tablets, giving you the flexibility to score from anywhere in your facility. You can also score away games, so you can engage and inform fans via the Fan App no matter where you play.

Video Highlights

Video Highlights

Game action can be recorded from anywhere on your field and shared to your Fan App and connected LED video scoreboards.



Rosters can be loaded into ScoreVision Cloud ahead of game-time so your lineup is ready when you are.

Freeze the Display

Freeze the Display

Quickly and easily freeze your connected LED display from the Baseball & Softball Scorekeeper App to prevent distractions during a game.

Optional Countdown Clock

Optional Countdown Clock

Enable a countdown clock in the Baseball & Softball Scorekeeper App to support the rules of youth league games.

Quick Edit

Quick Edit

Make quick adjustments to scores, stats, and other information throughout the game.

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ScoreVision Fan App

Fan App
Fans can follow your baseball & softball games from anywhere, including scores, video highlights, and more – all personalized to your athletic program. Learn More

ScoreVision Capture App

Capture App
Record and share game action and video highlights from anywhere in your stadium – no expensive cameras needed. Learn More

ScoreVision Cloud

Easily upload your games, teams, seasons, rosters, player photos, rules, and media content ahead of game-time. Learn More



Maximize the impact of your fan experience with LED video scoreboards. Pairing ScoreVision software with multimedia scoreboards unlocks even more features that bring a professional arena experience to your baseball & softball games.

oW2619 LED Baseball Video Scoreboard at Don Edwards Park

oW2619 | Don Edwards Park

oW2619 LED Baseball Video Scoreboard at Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School

oW2619 | Strake Jesuit College Preparatory

TV Display Baseball Video Scoreboard at Don Edwards Park

TV Display | Don Edwards Park

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