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ScoreVision Scorekeeper App

The ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps are at the heart of our scoring and fan engagement software. Our app-based scoring software is thoughtfully designed to make the scorekeeper’s job easier than ever. ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps are designed for each sport played in your facility and feature a game-like interface that is quick and easy to learn.


Features of the ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps

Multiple Sports

Score Every Sport

With ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps for every sport played by your athletic program, plus a flexible Universal Scorekeeper App, scoring every sport is as simple as switching apps on an iPad. Your Fan App and connected LED video scoreboards easily transform to support each sport you need to score.

Keep Score

Keep Score

All ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps are user-friendly and built to incorporate all the scorekeeping, timekeeping, stat tracking, rosters, and other information relevant to each sport.

Track Stats

Track Stats

ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps for many of our supported sports include stat tracking features that are stored in the ScoreVision Cloud and can be shared with fans everywhere via the Fan App.

Inform Fans

Inform Fans

Scoring information is automatically fed to the ScoreVision Fan App, so fans everywhere can stay up-to-date on the game action.

Recognize Players

Recognize Players

For many sports, the Scorekeeper App features our exclusive one-touch Player Accolade feature. The scorekeeper can show an automatically-generated player animation on connected LED displays with the tap of a button.

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Simple, flexible scoring for any sport. Also ideal for running practices and drills

“ScoreVision is hands-down the best software that I have worked with. I don’t know of any other companies out there making it as user-friendly. Between the iPads, we have kids using it and people adapt to it very quickly. It’s that user-friendly.”

Dave Coates - Middletown High School
Dave Coates
Middletown High School

“It’s much easier to run than our older scoreboards were and all of my scorekeepers will attest to that. They like this much better.”

Bob Grey Montevideo High School
Bob Grey
Montevideo High School

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