Alternative Use

01. Outside of sporting events

Alternative Uses for ScoreVision Video Scoreboards

Your scoreboard doesn’t have to sit unused when there aren’t games being played on your field or court. ScoreVision’s vibrant LED video scoreboards maximize the return on your investment through its versatility and ease of use.

Outside of sporting events, ScoreVision jumbotrons can be used for these purposes (plus almost any other uses you can think of):

Graduation Ceremonies

School Clubs and Activities

Music Performances

Award Nights

Hudl Film Review

Honors Ceremonies

Movie Nights

Church Services

Fundraising Events

School Conferences

School Dances

Student Recruitment

PE Classes


Community Assemblies

02. demonstrate your commitment to your athletes

ScoreVision is an Effective Recruiting Tool

ScoreVision’s multimedia displays make an excellent recruiting tool for high schools and colleges. Your school can use the system to demonstrate your commitment to your athletic program and show recruits what it would be like to join your team.

03. Ready to learn more?

Make A Difference At Your Venue

If you’re looking to replace your traditional metal-box scoreboards with an engaging game-time experience, request more information today to learn more about what sets ScoreVision apart!