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ScoreVision was founded in late 2015 by a team with decades of experience building innovative software products. As sports enthusiasts, they discovered an opportunity in the scoreboard industry. The typical metal-box scoreboard no longer fulfilled the potential that was available for elevating the game-time experience, and so the idea for a new way to score was born.

Since its founding, ScoreVision’s mission to elevate the game-time experience in schools everywhere has shifted the focus from simply upgrading metal-box scoreboards to providing software solutions that bring professional fan experiences to athletic programs at all levels of competition.

ScoreVision’s team is passionate about developing leading-edge software solutions while providing an outstanding customer experience. Our cloud-based software helps people keep score, create professional game-time productions, capture the action in real-time, and share it with fans everywhere – and it’s transforming the industry. Learn about how the ScoreVision system is revolutionizing the game-time experience for athletics programs everywhere by watching our short video above.

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What Sets Us Apart

ScoreVision Product Line Up

We’re a software company that brings the game-time experience of a professional arena to high schools, colleges, and sports facilities of any size. Instead of bringing outdated scoreboard technology to LED displays, we took a fresh yet critical look at everything from the hardware to the software and the customer experience of our industry and we started from scratch with a relentless dedication to drastically improving the customer experience.

Our user-friendly fan engagement software powers a game-time experience that rivals professional arenas. The ScoreVision system can be configured to benefit any athletic program, starting with our software and mobile Fan App with the ability to include other components like video scoreboards, scorer’s tables, TVs, and more.

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How ScoreVision Software Can Help
Your Athletic Program

ScoreVision software powers your fan experience and so much more. The ScoreVision software system goes beyond game-day to help you unlock new fundraising revenue, educate students, and more benefits that traditional scoreboard companies can’t offer.

Elevate The Game-Time Experience

Elevate The Game-Time Experience

with a wide range of fan engagement features that bring the game-day atmosphere of pro sports to your gym, stadium, facility, or tournament. ScoreVision software makes it easy to highlight exciting plays and share them with fans.

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Engage Your Fans

Engage Your Fans

with exciting digital content no matter how they’re tuning into the game. Whether fans are following along with a video board, LED scorer’s tables, or the ScoreVision Fan App, you can share exciting game information, stats, video highlights, and sponsor content.

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Bridge The Gap Between Academics & Athletics

Bridge The Gap Between Academics & Athletics

by incorporating the talents of students into the production of your game-time experience. ScoreVision’s software creates opportunities for students to learn real-world career skills in areas like graphic design, video production, filming, broadcasting, marketing, and more.

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Alleviate Funding Challenges

Alleviate Funding Challenges

with ScoreVision’s digital ad technology. ScoreVision Cloud makes it easy to upload, manage, and measure the performance of sponsor ads and commercials. Sponsored content can be easily pushed to your fans via the ScoreVision Fan App, video scoreboards, LED scorer’s tables, and more.

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Dave Coates Middletown High School

Ease of Use

“ScoreVision is hands-down the best software that I have worked with. I think that ScoreVision is the leader out there and they make it easy for the layperson give it a championship experience for the spectators. I don’t know of any other companies out there making it as user-friendly. Between the iPads, we have kids using it and people adapt to it very quickly. It’s that user-friendly.”

Dave Coates
Middletown High School

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Dave Langerud Tech High School

Customer Support

“The technology is far above the ones I’ve seen, but the support and the staff at ScoreVision is unbelievable. I think if an athletic director is going to look at a product that’s going to enhance their school, enhance the experience, and ultimately help them, ScoreVision’s the way to go.”

Dave Langerud
Tech High School

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Ryan Hogue Kearney High School

Fan Experience

“Your community is really going to embrace the game-day experience when you dive into what ScoreVision is able to give you. My advice is to look into what ScoreVision has to offer, not only with the digital experience but with what it can offer your students.”

Ryan Hogue
Kearney High School

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