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ScoreVision Fan App

The ScoreVision fan engagement system allows schools and facilities to enhance the fan experience within their facility, but the game-time experience is no longer confined to gyms and stadiums. ScoreVision's Fan App brings the game-time experience to fans regardless of whether they are attending the game in person.

The ScoreVision Fan App syncs with your ScoreVision video scoreboard system to share scores, game events, and leaderboard stats, constantly providing fresh information to fans. Other special features encourage fan engagement and make digital content available to viewers, extending the reach and frequency of your sponsors' digital advertising and your school's brand and messaging. The ScoreVision Fan App brings professional-level game information and fan engagement features to your fans without impacting the efforts of your scorekeepers.

Personalized, Professional-level Fan App

The ScoreVision Fan App brings your school’s branding and messaging to the personalized home screen, where you can feature school announcements, sponsor advertising, and an automatically-populated schedule of current and upcoming games.

Game Information for Fans at Home & in the Stands

The ScoreVision Fan App automatically feeds game events, scores, player stats, and leaderboard information from your ScoreVision Scorekeeper Apps, so bringing the information into the Fan App requires no extra work from your scorekeepers. The Fan App also features upcoming game schedules, player roster and stat profiles, and more!

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