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ScoreVision Streaming Software

ScoreVision software offers your team so much more than a stream. Our platform combines a live stream of your athletic events with score information, a mobile Fan App, fan engagement features, and other forms of video content which all work together to engage and inform your fans from anywhere.

One Integrated System

For Streaming, Scoring, Fan Engagement, Video Capture & So Much More

ScoreVision Streaming Software - How it Works

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Features of the ScoreVision
Streaming Software

Capture Highlights

Stream Your Games

Easily stream your games from a variety of cameras and inputs using our flexible hardware and software streaming solution. Fans can tune in to your game wherever they are by watching the stream online or through our Fan App.

Record the Action

Share It With Fans

Your stream is automatically fed to your team’s personalized Fan App, engaging and informing fans alongside score information, school branding, and short-form video content like highlight clips from our Capture App.

Showcase Live Content

Enhance Your Stream with a Scorebug

ScoreVision’s streaming solution incorporates our user-friendly scoring software, automatically feeding score information from your game into a scorebug overlay on your stream, into your team’s personalized Fan App, and even on to connected LED displays. One integrated system means your scores go everywhere without having to keep score in multiple systems.

Engage Fans Everywhere

Minimize Upfront Hardware Costs & Training

ScoreVision’s streaming solution is flexible and can adapt to your team’s current setup of cameras and inputs. Our system is built to minimize the upfront hardware costs and training associated with traditional streaming systems.

Engage Fans Everywhere

Maintain the Rights to Your Team’s Video Content

Stream your games to your fans while maintaining the rights to your team’s video content. Other streaming solutions can involve long-term contracts that prevent your team from using your own video content and generating revenue from it. We help you maintain these rights, which is crucial as sports video content becomes increasingly important.

Engage Fans Everywhere

Engage Fans with a Variety of Video Content

ScoreVision software provides more than just a stream. Our integrated platform includes our game-changing video capture software so you can engage and inform fans with a range of short-form, long-form, and full-length video content – all captured without the need for a specialized camera crew.

Stream Your Games
with ScoreVision

Let ScoreVision software help you engage your fans everywhere. Contact us today to learn more about how ScoreVision can help your athletic program.